We hope you can make December 16th but if you can’t…

Why now we’ve decided what to do on Sunday and chatted amongst ourselves about the directions we thought we would take you into our confidence.

Firstly, and despite some of you not being able to make it we decided to meet anyway. We did chat about the timing last time so we figure even if it is so near Christmas we shouldn’t spoil your fun. So for those of you who can come we will see you there bright and early at 10am.

For those of you that cant make it we have designed this survey for your information and input . Its true, basically it spills the beans on what we will be talking to you about on Sunday. So to assist we thought we would offer you a few choices…

You can read and complete the survey whether you are coming or not.

You can complete it instead of coming.

If you do both we will know from the information you provide us, so we will make sure not to double count.

You can download the following and we will work through these with you on Sunday:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

3 thoughts on “We hope you can make December 16th but if you can’t…

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