December’s Meeting Notes

Two Tables worked on lists of questions and clarifications from Perry’s long list which you can find here 

We have also attached the powerpoint you might want to view.

Here is what transpired…

Issue Question Response
Entry Where is it?
Pathways Existing pathways need to be maintained. Which pathway is undertaken with this project and which parts do the paths and trails strategy cover? This Project is about the mainstreet so connecting elements within the mainstreet. Paths and trails are about connecting Teesdale to other places.
Wayfinding Signs Minimising Text, maximising symbols
Landscaping and elements to add to rooms There is an opportunity to do some really interesting arts projects Lana will email a list of exciting opportunities to go on the blog. Some of these have already been explored by some of the group
Exchanging Places [CFA and Town square] Swap the shop and CFA locations Paul said although this might seem attractive it would swallow most of the funds as the CFA would beed a location to standard and fitted out as well
Path to car park and path to shop Need to remember people need to get from the carpark to the path etc
Arts grants can be sourced Note these are all possible for installations etc beyond the scope of the budget
Peace Signs In the same vein as signage being symbolic, one or some could be a peace sign or peace walk Delightful idea. The material has been added to the blog, due for release on New Years eve and we will see what others think
Sound Garden Was a very popular project but doesn’t feature sufficiently Might need to be emphasised
Safety Concerns First The highest priorities should be give to things that address safety. The carpark near the school might fit into this category. So might illuminated 40k signage during school commencement and finishing times One thought it to get rid of the car park. One idea was to build a completely fabulous tree house between the car park and path now to lure children to stop and play and walk / run together to school as well as a fun walk from the tree house to school. This might make it impossible for parents to drop children anywhere else if it were completely fantastic. To ensure it is kids should be involved in the design.

And then people went on to rank their top 10 priorities.

Unlike the gentle folks of Rokewood we found that Teesdale residents were not so good at counting, sometimes only scoring 1, sometimes ticking things, and on others adding 2a, 2b and 2c. We have scored these using red flags,  an umpires whistle and the toss of a coin where even we got confused…

See what you think…

Location What you Said Suggested Solution $ Score Ranking 
ROADSIDE PARK LINKING ZONE Mark the entrys to town on Bannockburn-Shelford Rd Provide landscaping, stone walls and Teesdale welcome signage. $20,000 12 11
ROADSIDE PARK LINKING ZONE Improve pathways Maintain and extend existing shared path, implementing new pathways as recommended in revised Pathway Strategy, upgrade pathway between School and Turtle Bend $40,000 28 5
ROADSIDE PARK LINKING ZONE Provide wayfinding signage Provide themed wayfinding signs at path intersections and other key locations throughout the town. $5,000 2 16
ROADSIDE PARK LINKING ZONE Provide better identity to the facilities (reserves, hall, etc) along the path/highway. Provide entry signage, rock walls and landscaping at key locations marking entry to nearby facilities $30,000 10 12
ROADSIDE PARK LINKING ZONE Improve the landscaping along the highway reserve linking to the creek and Turtle area and precincts (school, etc). Provide landscaping to create ‘rooms’ based on precincts along the road (entrys, school, shop, kinder/civic, recreation reserve) and create thematic links to the creek and Turtle area – tree planting, revegetation, drainage, improved maintenance. $40,000 18 8
TOWN STORES ZONE Purchase of mechanics shed site for a community focussed retail/café/workshop space. Investigate opportunity for Shire (or community organisation / individual) to purchase the site as a town square/community building, and mechanism for ongoing community management. Reserve funding within this project for purchase of this site, pending ongoing negotiations and investigations. $220,000 20 6
TOWN STORES ZONE Develop the space around shop as a Town Square for parking and community use. Pending purchase of the site, reserve funding for development of the space around shop as a Town Square with short-term carparking, alfresco eating areas, community notice board and landscaping. $30,000 18 8
TOWN STORES ZONE Develop the space opposite the shop for parking, tourist and community use, and as an alternative drop-off location for the school. Develop carpark opposite the shop for long term and tourist parking, with improved visitor facilities (shelter, seating, information), library bus, school drop-off point, rain gardens, and wayfinding signage. $35,000 37 1
TOWN STORES ZONE Improve the open drain opposite the shop to make it work and look better. Construct a rain garden or vegetated biofilter drain. $15,000 19 7
TOWN STORES ZONE Create a safe pedestrian connection between shops and shared path. Implement driver awareness strategies (eg road banding) to identify it as a pedestrian area, and develop safe road crossing arrangements. $8,000 34 3
TOWN STORES ZONE Create a fun and interactive walk from the Turtle Bend to the school for children and to link the creek with the town. Landscape the link between the school and Turtle Bend as an activity trail with second gravel path intertwining to encourage active transport, vegetated drainage swales, seating and fruit trees. $20,000 33 4
TOWN STORES ZONE Have artworks (eg sound garden, turtle footprints, etc) beside path between primary school and Turtle Bend reflecting environmental and community themes. Develop brief for artists/ sculptors to create artworks along the pathway with funding for design and construction. $15,000 36 2
TOWN STORES ZONE Link the Town Stores and the Civic Zone (Kindergarten etc) along the south side of the highway to create a safe alternative to crossing the highway. Construct a footpath (300m) between the Town Stores and the Civic Zone (Kindergarten etc) along the south side of the highway, including a new crossing across the creek. $20,000 18 8
CIVIC ZONE (COMMUNITY HALL, CFA, KINDER) Create a safe pedestrian connection west of the creek between kindergarten and shared path. Construct a pathway between the kindergarten and the shared path west of the creek with childrens artworks, 2D  steel cutouts or Turtle sculptures  to identify it as a pedestrian area. $5,000 10 12
CIVIC ZONE (COMMUNITY HALL, CFA, KINDER) Improve intersection of the shared path, with the creek, Pantics Rd and Turtle Bend entry. Implement drainage and roadworks at intersection of shared path, Pantics Rd and Turtle Bend entry. $10,000 3 15
CIVIC ZONE (COMMUNITY HALL, CFA, KINDER) Provide creek-based outdoor activity for children. Construct a fishing platform along the creek. $7,000 4 14
CIVIC ZONE (COMMUNITY HALL, CFA, KINDER) Create a billabong near the kindergarten. Implement earthworks, landscaping and revegetation around the dam on the north of the highway, to improve habitat and passive recreation values of adjacent creek, existing dam and open space areas. $5,000 0
COMMUNITY PLACEMAKING PROJECTS Undertake various community placemaking initiatives, now and in the future, to support community, the environment and local businesses Establish a community placemaking grants scheme to fund community-led initiatives, overseen by GPS, such as artworks beside pathways, fishing platforms, billabong $20,000 7 13

We should say there were many additions including:

  • Not for Parking, many of the $ were amended $5,000 for Mark entries, $5,000 for improve pathways, $2,000 for wayfare signage, $10,000 better identify facilities, $5,000 improve landscaping, $200,000 buy shed, $0  develop space around shop, $10,000 fun interactive walk, $0 link town store and civic
  • Added additional items, swap shed and rent old CFA a shop, cafe and centre as 1 and Tree house and tyre swing at jetty as 4
  • Added as No 1 school carpark
  • Added 1 walking tracks / safe crossing, artworks along roadway and at carpark opposite shop and 2 specific areas re creek, billabong, shed
  • Clarified no 1 was carpark with Treehouse and changed the $ to $50,000 as well as 3 illuminated 40km zone sign
  • No 1 school car park
  • Added additional items, swap shed and CFA as 1 and Treehouse as 7

This certainly creates a challenge for the design team. But if you weren’t there and want to have your say please complete the survey


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