And then there was Stewart…

During the week we got this email which we thought we should share because it includes some great ideas, some of which you might like, and others of which we might need to think more about…

Hi Everyone,
I don’t know about you, but I was blown away by Sundays Streetscape Session.  I was particularly energised by the overwhelming consensus in the room that we need to do something with/about the lack of a proper town “centre”. 
Two specific sites were discussed. Quite a bit of discussion was generated around the existing shop/mechanics garage site, and some discussion around developing the Kinder/CFA/Village Hall precinct. I think both sites are viable, and both have their pro’s & con’s.
Anyway, I’ve been thinking & talking with others about how we can harness that creative momentum from Sunday & perhaps convert it into more specific ideas of how we can develop our Town Centre.
The two ideas I have been mulling over are as follows:
Urban Design Ideas Competition
An ideas competition, open to lay people & professionals alike. Based upon brief’s to be formulated by the “committee”, for each of the 2 preferred sites. 
A jury consisting of eminent design professionals & local representatives will adjudicate the competition & award “prizes” based upon relevant criteria such as:
Design merit
Sustainability ( Economic & Enviromental )
There will be at least 2 main prizes, a  jury prize & a peoples award. 
This will all culminate in an exhibition & presentation of prizes to be held at the hall.
Urban Design Workshop

Run over a day, groups of local residents, mentored by eminent, invited, professionals ( Urban Designers, Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects ) contemplate & formulate design strategies & ideas for the two nominated sites.
Culminates with a design review session & exhibition.
Anyway those are my thoughts. I would love to hear what you all think.


Editors Note. If you are reading here, you might also like to read Gavin on the Shed, Geoff on parking and another quite delightful contribution on Peace Polls here. Oh and of course some terribly scandalous things about engineers.

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