A weeks a long time when ideas are bubbling away…

And in that time we’ve gotten these notes together for you so you can share what we thought we heard on the day.

When we started chatting some of you offered different elements for adaptive reuse including:

outdoor loos (2)
corrugated iron tank
single beds
farm machinery
wildlife and birds

You told us townsfolk had these skills:

excavation machinery (bobcat, tipper,backhoe
grant writers
street artists

Between you you came up with the following ideas:

creating ‘rooms’ along the road
sound garden
central meeting area (@shop?)
store precenct redevelopment (arts crafts)
sound garden, sculpted trees, farm machinery
town entry (2)
path/bridge connection on south side of hwy
buy/develop shop/ shed (5)
change road surface/colour
dry creek
slow space
develop shed/café/community shed/mens shed
beautify highway
road safety
creek – wate catchment, fishing holes
buy shed
baby turtles
bird life
turtle footprints

After speed dating [you can see the video links through the blog page on this site] some of you got really excited and wanted to lead projects including;

Who What
Maria & team Sound garden/trail – heavy duty sculptures, function as instruments, like the turtle (popular with ex. Visitors), winding trail between turtle and shop. Planted trail with local and productive plants
Gavin & team Swampy billabong and themed crossing near kindergarten – extend turtle bend theme across the highway, turtle prints acroos road, fishing spot
Glenn & team Metal sculptures – built by community, recycled materials, drop-off point for materials, use local themes
Stewart & team Local produce market – monthly tent near shop, activates shop area,

And then 7 Tables worked very hard to come up with their list of 3 big things…

Table Number Top Things Elements
1 Carpark opposite general store Beautify carpark opposite general store
Rock wall
Improved seating
Walking path through carpark to footpath
1 Entry and exit point to town Art on side of road (eg interactive, Flexible sculptures)
Pavers on road
Fun road signs
1 Interactive walkway from Turtle Bend to School Sculptures
Fruit trees
Curved pathways
2 Purchase of garage ($220,000, maybe lower if we smile sweetly!)for a community based co-operative of artists, fresh producers, community causes, promotion of existing businesses (eg wineries, etc). AND A CAFÉ..mmm coffee!
2 Landscaping the verge area (eg sound garden) between the carpark and the old playground opposite Turtle Bend
2 Development of a water catchment and fishing hole (as per Bannockburn) in the existing catchment areas… outdoor activity for Teesdales’ outdoor kids, YAY!
3 Buy shed
3 Develop shed
3 develop surrounding space, including road and carpark opposite
3 Improve school drop-off parking
4 Redevelop store + mechanic shed (rent or buy?), + area opposite. Coffee shop/art shop
4 Sound garden Brick across road
Redevelop northern verge area, eg sculptures, old farm machinery
4 Walkway/bridge on south side of highway for kids
5 “Rooms” to set up the stretch through the centre School room
Kinder room
Turtle Bend room
“entrance” to the town
5 Sound garden – use of the space from Turtle Bend to carpark. Artist involved, school kids etc
5 Co-op  -> centred around.. The factory/garage? Coffee Shop
garage sales?
artist space?
school/kinder involvement?
5 Walkway from Turtle to carpark sound garden
5 Bridge
5 School crossing – whatever makes it safe
6 Development of shed in town to make community space – eg Mens Shed – market space etc, shaded garden café
6 Beautify highway landscape – adventure garden – sculpture – windmill
6 Billabong & Kinder crossing (turtle) inc. safety
7 Purchase of old garage to set up a community resource centre + setting up of basic infrastructure
7 Redesign/landscaping of old carpark area across the road from the General Store
7 Clean up of Creek especially around Turtle Bend
7 Please please please make it happen!

In the meantime, Perry in his inimitable fashion was busy taking notes of what you said which we’ve linked here. Don’t be surprised if they download. We’ve also linked the powerpoint presentation.

Thanks for the great turnout and your enthusiasm. See you in December… well quite soon really!

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