In 2002 Golden Plains with FHA Landscape Architects developed the  Teesdale Town Place Plan.

The design was based on a community consultation at the time. It directed works in a range of Zones:

  • Zone 1 – Primary School
  • Zone 2 – Town Stores
  • Zone 3 -Community Hall, CFA and Maternal and Child Health
  • Zone 4 – Community Park
  • Zone 5 – Recreation Reserve
  • Zone 6 – Equestrian Centre
  • Zone 7 – Don Wallace Reserve
  • Zone 8 – Native Hut Creek
  • Zone 9 – Cinaman’s Lagoon

This delightful document has been sitting on the Shire’s shelves worrying staff about how they might fund some of the upgrades you thought you needed at the time. And of course since then the population has grown, some people have moved on while others have moved in.

And all the while people have been talking about the importance of providing walkable communities.

And you are all older and wiser now so some of those things you thought you wanted might no longer be your priorities.

You have a Community Plan from 2010 that prioritises improving the town centre, a crossing near the kinder, a town entry and importantly many priorities supporting walking.

A summary of whats been done already is attached here.

During the year Council found out they had funds [$410,000 for Teesdale] to make your streetscape redesign a reality.

The Shire has invited David Engwicht who wrote Mental Speed Bumps to Teesdale to help you think about your priorities. He is working with Perry Mills and Carmel Boyce who you might have already met on other work around the Shire, and of course there you will already know Paul Ryan the Shire’s Community Projects Officer.

At 10am on Sunday 18th November, 2012 at the the Shire is putting on a walkshop for residents at the Teesdale Community Hall.

We’ve popped some more information on these links. Feel free to print and distribute them to anyone you think should attend as well. We’ve designed a few different ones to choose from

At this walkshop we expect you to set the agenda for a Plan to be delivered, and yes that does mean drafted, designed and even built, over the next year or so.

But as always there is a catch. We do expect you put your hands up for assisting in any way appropriate including being on a project reference group to ensure the Design addresses your needs. Why we will even feed you if you attend.

We know this is late notice and apologise, but its not every day someone so famous and skilled comes to town…

6 thoughts on “Teesdale

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  3. Over the last week both Stewart and Lay-lea asked when we would be back in Teesdale this month.

    In response we encouraged you to complete the survey.

    I know this sounds like beurospeak or double dutch as my mother used to say… but put simply we aren’t planning to be there in February at all at the moment. Nor in Rokewood either.

    There are a few reasons for this which we want to be clear about.

    There is a long list of suggestions of public realm improvements already that need to be sorted out and selected from
    Prioritising suggestions is difficult when some of you are in the room and others not
    Council needs to the progress the draft designs for you to comment on quite soon so they start planning implementation at their end and comply with the conditions of the grant.
    To assist us prioritise your public realm improvements…

    We really need you to complete the survey for Teesdale or for Rokewood to assist us with prioritising things in your township.
    Some of you have done this already. So thank you for that.
    Some of you haven’t quite got to it yet but we really would like you to
    If any of you have problems with the link like Gavin seems to have please get back to me. You’ll find my email on the project contact page or you can email me at carmel@equityjusticeaccess.com
    In the meantime I will send a link of the survey to all those I have email addresses for.

    You might also encourage your friends and other locals to do the same. Remember the survey for both townships close at the end of the week.

    The more informed we are about your priorities, the better choices we can make about the draft.

    We are looking forward with interest to your responses!

  4. I have a concern about the survey that I wonder if you would address please:
    I have been personally involved with the discussions about the golden streets project for a few weeks now but have only just found out about the survey that is due to close tomorrow. Given the lack of promotion and general community awareness that the survey exists, I question how the results of this survey could possibly reflect the true thoughts of the 1500 odd residents when only a VERY small portion of them know that it is avaiable for comment. The entire process has been very poorly publicised and I would like to make a suggestion that the closing date of the survey be extended and each household in Teesdale be mailed the relevant information regarding the survey link along with a copy of the major points raised at the first meeting (and perhaps even a paper survey for those residents without internet access) so that a more accurate indication of the towns needs and desires are achieved.

    • Hi Kelly

      Just to clarify…

      The website name and address was included multiple times on all Golden Streets material that was delivered to each household in early November 2012 and on posters hung in the community. At meetings we reminded people to look for it.

      The website has included all material from the consultation since this time.

      The survey opened before the December meeting [3rd week of December] on a Page including the invitation to the December meeting and has been live since mid December.

      A blog entry linked a summary of that meeting and the survey since 20th December 2012.

      In the last week or so Council has decided that we need to finalise the survey. The latest blog entries ‘complete your survey’ and yesterdays entries including additional pages under Teesdale and Rokewood and multiple entries on facebook and twitter all encouraged people to respond.

      The website has had 1347 views over the period most of these in December and January, so lots of people may well have seen the link, but I agree only some people have spent the time completing the survey.

      Given the recent upsurge in survey completions we have already discussed asking Council if we can extend the period for a week which means closing the survey definitely on Friday 9th February.

      I don’t have access to the rates roll or an email data base but if everyone could help us getting local responses by letting people know, and assisting them complete the survey if they don’t have ready access to IT that would be just grand

      Thanks so much for your concern


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