Notes from the December Meeting

We thought we would pop a summary here in case anyone had forgotten what we said, but also for anyone who couldn’t make it to understand in summary what went on at the meeting.

Firstly we discussed Perry’s long list which you can find here.

We’ve attached the powerpoint you might want to review here.

These are the issues that were raised and the responses given.

Issue Question Response
Speeding Traffic in Ferrars Street Joe raised the issue of pedestrian safety and speeding traffic The design is intended to slow traffic down. We should be mindful of whether it fulfils this purpose and do some traffic speed testing before and after
Secure Nativity Scene Someone from Council thinks it needs wire mesh out the front Paul to sort out some solution with other Council groups
Notice Boards Possibilities include using the backside of the current board or using the current one for visitors with more information on it about what to do in town and another for residents. The location was discussed and generally if was felt that the community noticeboard should be in the shop where everyone goes.
Missing and now found Objects Where is the Bike from the Great Victorian Bike Ride Paul has found it and needs to test it to see what sort of installation it might make. It may have to be welded, or set in concrete
Kids Play Equipment Old fashioned hop scotch, a basket ball hoop etc need to be on the list Add that to Perry’s long list
Kids Play Equipment Betty’s photos are illustrative of that kids will sit on and play with anything
RSL Memorial How does it fit in with the rest of the streetscaping work? RSL did their presentation. John Anthony and Perry to work together, the installation is as yet unfunded but they expected grant $, John suggested if there was a shortfall of projects within the funding , funds for the RSL Memorial might come from the community mainstreet grant.
Contracting Locals Will this be possible? Contract Requirements must be followed but where it is possible it will be possible. A list of local skills and tradespeople needs to be constructed in order to ensure opportunities are not missed.
Painting the Toilets Cr Kirby introduced Kirsty a fabulously skilled local air brush artist. She is offering to design artworks for the Toiets. Her idea was that everyone contribute to a list of just a word or two of what Rokewood means to you. Someone suggested wildflowers, another the pig, someone said flying pigs and umbrellas [after Joe had explained the hastle he has rescuing blown away umbrellas]. Helena [shop] and Colin [pub] will collect a list. Carmel will put up a place for contributions on the project website. We will collate these and give them to Kirsty to see what she comes up with. Later in conversation with Helena we thought about how to make this a 3 D project. One idea was to continue the theme in landscaping extending around the Toilet Block.
Lagoon Not sure what the Lagoon needs or whether the items on the list referring to the lagoon are still needed. Paul to check with other Council staff, Anne to check with the Lagoon Committee
Mermaid Competition How will this work? and where do we find at manequin? Could be run with ideas and photos through the shop. Could be very exciting with people competing for a week to have their ideas installed on the mannequin. Can find and buy a manneqin on the web or on ebay. Could try They only cost about $300.00 Might have to seal it first.
Walking Paths and Tracks Clarifying what we need and what we dont Don’t need one through the red gums although we need flat contiguous and paved space, perhaps even road carriage linking the park to the lagoon and river walk. We also need a path to get people from the RSL village and Joe to town that is safe and good for walking. – this would be the length of Ferrars Street. We might even need to repave the part of the mainstreet with undulating lavels.
Catering for Trucks Best make sure they can still stop Somehow the design has to meet all needs. This was raised if kerb outstands impede truck parking. Perhaps we need to consult with the truckies about what makes for a good spot to pull in and park [length, shade, getting in and out]
Electricity supply to the parklands This needs to be sorted if the RSL are expecting large crowds or if events require it Note to Perry for the Plan

Then we listed the top 10 most important things from the list and we came to the following conclusion…

First we did some tricky maths. We made a first priority 10/10 and a 10th priority 1/10 etc and then added all the scores you gave up.

Location What you Said Suggested Solution $ Score Ranking 
FERRARS STREET AND CENTRAL RESERVE Make the Ferrars St footpath more pleasant and safer to use. Repair asphalt footpaths where needed, provide new street furniture inc seats and bins with enclosures, plant trees into existing footpath space. $30,000 49 3
FERRARS STREET AND CENTRAL RESERVE Define the central area as a space for stopping, not speeding through. “Establish new pedestrian crossing point (w/ warning signs) adjacent to toilets, with Rokewood-themed landscaped outstands (community placemaking opportunity), and upgrade existing one to match. Maintain access and short term parking for up to six semi-trailers. $15,000 25 6
FERRARS STREET AND CENTRAL RESERVE Integrate the reserve, Ferrars St and service road as a single ‘room’ with visual and pedestrian links across the street, to the church memorial and picnic shelter. Create a central open grassed space with a perimeter gravel path linking to the creek and town paths.  Provide a table/seats, trees and /or umbrellas outside Catholic Church to match Ferrars St treatment and street trees on Nth side of service road. Liaise with RSL to integrate new war memorial design into the proposal. $30,000 38 4
FERRARS STREET AND CENTRAL RESERVE Improve visitor facilities. Upgrade picnic shelter as a focus for visitors, with information, improved furniture, relocated signage and rubbish bins. $10,000 51 2
FERRARS STREET AND CENTRAL RESERVE Develop the space next to the store as a ‘linger node’. Encourage shop owner to continue to manage this space as an alfresco dining area and potentially  communty placemaking space with artworks/umbrellas, shade and  relocated community noticeboards etc $0 11 10
TOILET Upgrade toilet block to provide better facilities for visitors and project Rokewood’s character Develop a plan to facilitate community-led project so make the toilet block a funky, fun, and memorable event for visitors. Consider internal re-arrangement and provision of showers, lighting $20,000 55 1
LAGOON Improve water quality of lagoon Consultant to investigate potential to improve water quality, potentially through natural filtration (wetland). $2,500 11 10
LAGOON Install new furniture. Repair existing furniture, buildings and shade structure, repaint, provide new furniture & water slide (materials only). $15,000 23 7
LAGOON Seasonal signage on highway to promote opening of the lagoon. Conduct a weekend community project to install a dressed-up mannikin (mermaid/swimmer/ etc) at the entry to the lagoon over summer. $0 7 13
PATHWAYS AND SIGNAGE Connect footpaths Implement key upgrades to pathways as recommended in the revised Path Strategy. $20,000 36 5
PATHWAYS AND SIGNAGE Wayfinding signage throughout the town Install wayfinding signage along all pathways in the township zone. $5,000 15 9
PATHWAYS AND SIGNAGE Interpretive signage along DG Carr track and/or heritage trail through the township Provide interpretive signage or self-guided brochure to encourage use by visitors as a short ‘leg stretch’ walk $4,000 10 12
COMMUNITY PLACEMAKING PROJECTS Undertake various community placemaking initiatives, now and in the future, to support community, the environment and local businesses Establish a community placemaking grants scheme to fund community-led initiatives, overseen by GPS, such as artworks beside pathways, fishing platforms, billabong $20,000 22 8

If you have anything to add please don’s hesitate to do so below!

Thanks for making the time to attend. If you weren’t there and want to give us your views either comment below or complete the survey 


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