RSL Memorial Plans for Rokewood

rsl proposedFor the past several months the Rokewood R & S.L. has been doing a lot of work with respect to an upgrade of the R & S. L. Hut and the Grounds surrounding the hut.

While this work has been an ongoing programme and will be a continuing ongoing program, there has been quite a lot of work done on the administration side of upgrading the local Memorial. To date the R.& S. L. has a permit from the local Council and a permit from VicRoads. It also plus several endorsements from various R&S.L.’s and service clubs surrounding the District. It has the architectural drawings  necessary to get permits.

It is envisaged that Rokewood will become the centre for all local and district functions. Due to falling members of older service men and women, R.&S.L. headquarters in Melbourne is consolidating all failing local clubs into district clubs.

The local sub-branch is currently doing work deemed necessary to upgrade the  hut and grounds for future generations. Additional work will be undertaken at the Memorial. In conjunction with the R.& S. L. there will be a second stage of this work, placing of all the name of local people who have service our country in times of crisis.

The existing memorial will have a new flagpole and will not otherwise be interfered with. The redevelopment of the memorial will consist of a curved wall 1.65m high and 3.65m long. In front of the wall will be a proposed Vietnam Veterans Cross surrounded by a small garden. This will be fenced off  with rails and a chain, 60cm high. We believe  that with the Uniting Church Behind  the completed Memorial, that the Church will enhance the Memorial and the Memorial will enhance the Church. We believe that the overall finished project will be a great beneficial value to Rokewood and fits nicely with the current beautification of the streets of Rokewood.

R.& S. L. Headquarters, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the Veteran Affairs Council of Victoria will fund this project not the ratepayers and all considered everyone will be a winner.

For further enquiries please phone John Anthony, President, Rokewood RSL on 534 1525

Note this text has been edited ever so slightly to promote easy reading.

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