November Meeting Notes

We had a great turnout in Rokewood and lots of fun thinking about the quirky and curious things that can be done in a township to make it a welcoming place for visitors and truckers that frequent the shops.

One of the best things in my mind was the mermaid and the potential that the lovely policeman or maybe even Pam might well be the model for the prototype. Well… you never know…

We’ve attached our notes here…

The following are the opportunities you raised  including:

Drystone walls
Wheat or oats planted out at Drystone walls
Funkifying the toilets
Pam or the Policeman as the mermaid model in the park while the pool is opened
Planter boxes from old dunnies
Internal works on toilet including baby change table, extra cubicles, shower
Unbrellas, umbrella map, laser cut steel umbrellas, temporary and moveable and poseable umbrellas
Rotunda Lights
Planter boxes from old horse troughs
A more interesting green and recycle system
Timber planter boxes made at the mens shed
Linking the church to the main street using planter boxes and umbrellas
Edible planter boxes
Games including bocce, hopscotch, chess etc on the green
Work with community planning group
Christmas Diorama

And I think out of all these came the list of Big Things…

List of Big Things
Old toilets
Footpath maintenance
Street Trees
Park equipment – rubber mat graphics

While we were all chatting away Perry Mills was taking oodles of notes which we have attached. Don’t be surprised if they download themselves. We’ve also attached the powerpoint presentation David gave.

So thanks to you all for your time, looking forward to seeing you back in December for planning around how to pull of some of these great ideas!

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