In 2001 the Rokewood community with FHA Landscape Architects developed the  Rokewood Town Place Plan

The Plan was developed in consultation with you and by you with the Landscape Architects, and informed by a survey.

Key issues at the time were places to play, safe places to cross the road and safe places to ride to town and in town. The other thing was recreation equipment.

This delightful document has been sitting on the Shire’s shelves worrying staff about how they might fund some of the upgrades you thought you needed at the time. And of course since then the population has grown, some people have moved on while others have moved in.

And all the while people have been talking about the importance of providing walkable communities.

You have a Community Plan from 2011 that prioritises upgrading the toilet block, Laidler Reserve, but importantly in the mainstreet footpaths connecting key facilities, especially to the school, between the cross roads and Reservoir Road and to the RSL.

A summary of whats been done already is attached here.

During the year Council found out they had funds [$210,000 for Rokewood] to make your streetscape redesign a reality.

And you are all older and wiser now, so some of those things you thought you wanted might no longer be your priorities.

The Shire has invited David Engwicht who wrote Mental Speed Bumps to Haddon to help you think about your priorities. He is working with Perry Mills and Carmel Boyce who you might have already met on other work around the Shire, and of course there you will already know Paul Ryan the Shire’s Community Projects Officer.

On Sunday 18th November at 2pm at the Rokewood Memorial Hall the Shire is putting on a walkshop for residents.

We’ve popped some more information on these links. Feel free to print and distribute them to anyone you think should attend as well. We’ve designed a few different ones to choose from

At this walkshop we expect you to set the agenda for a Plan to be delivered, and yes that does mean drafted, designed and even built, over the next year or so.

But as always there is a catch. We do expect you put your hands up for assisting in any way appropriate including being on a project reference group to ensure the Design addresses your needs. Why we will even feed you if you attend.

We know this is late notice and apologise, but its not every day someone so famous and skilled comes to town…

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