Thanks for Coming to this November Meeting

Dear Kindly Folks of Meredith

Come play with us!

Its true we offer not only fun and educational but an opportunity to help design the mainstreet so it works better for you and all your friends.

Imagine places for sitting in the sun and shade, for chatting and laughing and meeting and watching the world go by. Or fruit trees that bloom in the spring. Or footpaths that are wide enough for the pusher or wheelchair and your friends and families alongside.

Or just somewhere you like to walk to.

What would it look like? If you have any ideas at all, or you just want a fun afternoon out with your neighbours come to the Meredith Community Centre 9.30 am on Saturday 17th November 2o12

Please do come. We’ve even attached some more information Meredith Flier

And then of course you can always call Paul Ryan on 52207130 to chat about whether you might come at all or what we have on the menu for lunch when you do…

See you all there


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