November Meeting Notes

Thanks so much to everyone for turning out very early in the morning for such an interesting conversation about mainstreet improvements, and a quite delightful walk.

We took notes in a number of forms across the day and have tried to represent what was written on butchers paper, what you said on those Ready Reckoner forms and what you chatted about in the workshop and on the walk.

As a starting point we agreed township folks had a range of resources that might kick off a pool of interesting things for adaptive reuse including:

Concrete Roller
Cast Iron Roller
Hardwood Bearer and Boards
2 Bathtubs
Burnt out Harvester

People also pointed out the many talents in town including:

Gallery Owner
Music Festivals, with 20,000 people

When we set about speed dating [you can see what this looked like in the video uplinks on this site] you wanted to be involved in the following exciting projects;

Name Action
Jo and John Moving Loungeroom, suit, coffee table etc
Planter boxes and poles
Jo and John Bathtub seating spot
Bollards Painted
Steel screens and laser cut images
Rubbish bin enclosures with historic images
Group Town Square at Kevins Corner [and some economic use]

You also agreed these were priorities for funds, time and energy…

Corner of Midlands Highway and up Staughton Street
Drains 0% other things 100% on Midlands Highway
Drains of Staughton Street – need to deal with swamping effect, bridges, or WSUD
Slow Down
Corner flowers for show and even sculptural elements, linger nodes
Happy attractive place to live in

While we were all busy laughing and chatting about township priorities, Perry Mills our trust Landscape Architect was taking lots of notes. Here is what they say.

We think we possibly confused you or muddied the waters with the Ready Reckoner, as one of you pointed out at the time. But on this form different people had a range of different things to say including:

Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4 Priority 5 Priority 6 Priority 7 Priority 8
Drainage Bluestone not to be removed 25 Staughton Street Rubbish coming down Staughton Street after rain Deposits in our open drain
Plant crab apples in open space near hub the plant gardens at hub – Low ? trees Redo interior of rec reserve toilets Get levels straight in drainage at various parts of township except highway Entrance old service station Corner [hub] Get levels right on highway south drains only if funds left over Walkways over where necessary Do nor replace pitch drains
Drainage car parking Staughton Street Upgrade Toilets Improve existing sites of activities Remove some tress and plant some more Upgrade bluestone gutter
Upgrade Parkinsons Corner Clean Up Vacant Block[where there should be IGA / Foodworks} and remove fence Cover open drains near Coco Monkey with timber deck Plant grass, ground cover on all four corners of intersection Place more town type seats, benches, along Wallace Street and Staughton Street Street light upgrade in Staughton Street
Large Playground Makes ? Concrete Paths Seats around town
Street corner upgrade – remove wire fence, create inviting area Reconstruct bluestone gutters Toilet Block renewal / upgrade New Lighting Seats 2D Steel cutouts depicting historical themes Upgrade road surface on Staughton Street
Improvement Midland Highway – Staughton Street intersection, then proceed with drainage, street lighting, parking and improvement to road surface in Staughton Street, Highway to Railway Line
Toilet Block Street Lights Bus Stop Shelter Bench Seats Storm Water Drainage
Toilet block upgrade at the reserve Bluestone kerbing Assist with making corner extension attractive Street lighting
Creating a community spirit – shop owners Reveg swales around footpaths and corners to control water and create space that encourages people to slow down Work with Kev’s corner to beautify and create a feeling of community cohesion
Staughton Street lighting Drainage on left side of Staughton Street from corner

and then some of you circled things on the back of the sheet:

Circled on Back of Sheet Circled on Back of Sheet Circled on Back of Sheet Circled on Back of Sheet Circled on Back of Sheet Circled on Back of Sheet Circled on Back of Sheet
Toilet Block Renewal / Upgrade
Stormwater drainage Catch stormwater for reuse Build new car park Roadwords and intersection upgrades Toilet block renewal upgrade
Stormwater drainage Rain Gardens New Street Lights
Toilet Block Renewal / Upgrade
Stormwater drainage Roadwords and intersection upgrades Toilet Block Renewal / Upgrade Reconstruct Bluestone Kerb Street Trees Park Benches and bench seats Picnic Tables
Large Playground
Reconstruct Bluestone Kerb
Catch stormwater for reuse
Stormwater drainage Car Park Spaces Reconstruct Bluestone Kerb New Street Lights Picnic Tables Entry Signage Timber bollards to control parking

We have to apologise, one of you had fantastically spidery writing and we are still trying to work out what was said.

As this was our first workshop of four across the weekend we were a little flustered so we should especially thank the delightful community centre staff for their patience and assistance with our IT. We’ve now added the powerpoint presentation we had so much trouble with.


5 thoughts on “November Meeting Notes

  1. I think the comment :• Drains 0% other things 100% on Midlands Highway;
    is misleading. We did not intend for everything to be spent on the midland highway. It should say drains on midland highway 0% interest, improving other things on midland highway/staughton St intersection, and up the main street (staughton street) 100%

  2. I would like to apologise for tomorrow’s meeting as I have a prior engagement that I had already committed to. I was appalled at the first meeting that the council had 1) decided that the Midland Highway was the main street without asking the locals. it was very obvious that all present thought that Staughton St is the main street 2) That the council had already decided that a substantial amount of the grant was to be spent on drains without the community’s agreement. That is certainly not what the community thinks according to all discussions that i have had since.
    My comments are that the money should be spent on the 4 corners and Staughton St- bluestone gutter improvements and bridge type crossings, heritage lights and rubbish bin covers and bollards. I also think that the development of the garage corner would be a great asset to the town with a great suggestion coming that a very large car model for children to sit in a( and adults) and have their photos taken. I thought that if it was to become chitty chitty bang bang the flying car would be even better.
    Large flower boxes down the highway and Staughton St and other streets for that matter would be great too. The village feel i think is important to maintain as is evident with all the new businesses that are opening in Meredith.
    Thank you for your time and i hope the morning is successful
    Diane Ritchie

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