Project Draft Designs Available Here

The Shire has successfully secured a Regional Growth Fund (RGF) grant of $2,184,572 (ex GST) to build new infrastructure or renew existing assets. $1,290,000 of the grant has been allocated for main street development works in the townships of Haddon, Rokewood, Meredith and Teesdale.

The funds allocated to each township are as follows:

Haddon                                  $220,000

Meredith                                $450,000

Rokewood                              $210,000

Teesdale                                 $410,000

You are invited to review and comment on the draft masterplans for streetscape improvements in these four townships.

The masterplans have been developed between September 2012 and April 2013 in consultation with the communities in the four townships and have been informed by two public meeting in each location and an online survey. They build on the aims and aspirations of the Town Place Plans and Community Plans that exist for each of the townships and are informed by engineer’s reports on the condition and appropriateness of existing infrastructure.

Your comments should be submitted by post to

Paul Ryan
Community Projects Officer
Golden Plains Shire

or by email to  to be received by 14th May 2013

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