Mainstreet Upgrades

What is a mainstreet upgrade?

A mainstreet upgrade has the potential to transform a bundle of disconnected shops into the place you look forward to walking to every day to:

  • meet and chat with your friends
  • enjoy the view
  • enjoy a coffee
  • catch the bus
  • meet your friends for lunch
  • shop in, and in the meantime
  • it might encourage those who whizz past now to slow down, to stop and get out, to shop and eat

Essentially it is about breathing new life into a place, capitalising on the hidden potential, providing the bones for future potential enhancing local social, economic and environment prosperity.

Why you should be involved…

These upgrades are for you, and should suit you, and while you walk along them you should feel proud they reflect your desires for your town.

When you could be involved…

Walkshops are being held in all townships on the 17th and 18th November 2012.

Information on your towns walkshop can be found at:

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