Golden Plains Mainstreet Project

Welcome to Golden Streets 2012

And what is this you wonder? Well let us explain…

Golden Plains Shire recently received a grant from the Regional Growth Fund of $2,184, 572 – yes, thats millions of dollars – for your streetscapes.

But specifically that is:

  • $410,000 for Teesdale
  • $210,000 for Rokewood
  • $450,000 for Meredith, and
  • $220,000 for Haddon

Dont ask me exactly why the amounts are different, but some wise Shire Engineer told me it is because in some communities there is some expensive drainage,  road and footpath works that underpin any successful and walkable street re-design.

What is the money for?

The Grant application identified the following elements:

  • storm water drainage, kerb and channel, pavement, school crossings
  • water sensitive urban design – or reusing the water run off from streets on supporting plant life, that in turn filters the run off
  • car parking, toilets, signage, street lighting,
  • landscaping, street beautification including paths and links, street furniture [plantings and seats and tables and stuff] rain gardens [another one of those water sensitive design features] trees and shrubs, drinking fountains and shelters

So who would argue that some or all that lot are not needed in some places in your towns.

But here is the catch.

There are Place Plans for all of the townships developed a while ago that  were costed at the time.

These are old now, could possibly do with a revision, and certainly require a final landscape design to progress to a plan that can be built between now and the middle of 2015.

The grants, although very generous will not cover everything in these Plans so its time now to put the Plans to the test.

  • Are they still what we want?
  • Are all the things we want possible initially?
  • What should come first?
  • Are there other things we’ve forgotten?
  • What are our priorities now

Sometime between the beginning of Saturday 20th October, 2012 and the end of Sunday 21st October 2012 we will be in your town.

Check out your townships pages for the specific information on HaddonMeredithRokewood, and Teesdale,

Do come and help us work on your townships streetscape design.

Why we’ll even feed you…

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