November Workshop Summary

We are not quite sure what happened in Haddon.

We were expecting a small but dedicated crowd, and in the end found ourselves on a very intimate tour of the Township. Some of you completed a form we had called  a Ready Reckoner.

From this you made the following observations…

Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4 Circled on Back of Sheet
Linking multi-use areas to encourage community use Signage to facilitate Priority 1 Safe linkage pathways Encourage multi-use eg wheelchair access Fix stormwater drains
Contact groups to follow up development ideas suggested ie Lions, School, Shops, Fire Brigade. Community Centre Groups

Perry Mills our dedicated Landscape Architect also made lots of notes which we have attached here.

We’ve also linked the powerpoint presentation we prepared.

We are still thinking about how to better work with Haddon residents. If you have any ideas please let us know!

You can email us on, or email the Shire at Paul Ryan, or call him direct at 52207138. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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