On our expedition around Haddon we found…

Yes folks you guessed it, a horse trough hanging out on its lonesome down near the roundabout.

At the time we were told it was historic, but we didn’t really know why.

Just the other day Perry, our valiant researcher and landscape architect found out from someone who sure seems to know something how jolly historic it really was.

So if you follow this link to Bills Water Troughs you too can find out all sorts of interesting things including that:

  • George Bills was a philanthropist and horse lover
  • He and his delightful wife died in the 1920’s
  • Bills left his money to provide troughs for horses, for the preventing cruelty and alleviating the sufferings of animals in any country
  • The Bills trust installed about 500 of these troughs across Australia, mostly in Victoria and NSW
  • Most were installed in the depression and mid war period
  • Later the Trust was a major benefactor of the RSPCA and their Burwood site

This information has been bought to you by George Gemmil, a local expert, from country Victoria.

Thanks to the Georges, Haddon is culturally richer today!

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