Notes from Friday’s Meeting

Thanks to you all for turning out, and especially to all those cheeky children for their time and patience.

The meeting notes from the meeting are below. There are a number of things.

We have attached the powerpoint used by Perry.

We’ve attached the notes Perry took while you were talking.

We have inserted Peter Fletcher’s 6 good ideas here…

  1. Erect Rotunda in Memorial Park similar to Rokewood and Carindhap (minus Bbq etc) Council already has design and plans for Rokewood
  2. Enhance gardens in memorial park with drought proof plants
  3. Watering system for gardens as above
  4. Review signage on the Sago Hill Road –Race Course Road – reduce excessive duplication and upgrade
  5. Construct entry facades into township from approaches fro Sago Hill Road, Ross Creek, Haddon Road and Windmere Rd similar to the one at Smythesdale on the Glenelg Highway approach
  6. Standpipe and water trough – provide second arm as suggested by Jim Dennis on standpipe, concrete around both and provide signage outlining history, repaint.

We have also attached the results of table discussions and scoring.

Because as you pointed out some of the issues were duplicated across tables we have  combined these – particularly Memorial Park and for the 40km Zone. This made it impossible to divide the results by table. Some of the elements are related and will form part of a linked response to issues raised by you and in the community and township plans.

But as you will see below there are a few clear winners – Memorial Park and the 40km Speed Zone.

In case you are reading this and don’t understand the scoring system people were given green dots to vote at random for three preferences. They were then asked to rank their preferences, the top one, the second and then third. The moderated score is the result of First preferences being scored at 10, second at 9 and third at 8.

Issue / Project / Solution Green Dots Yellow Vote 1 Yellow Vote 2 Yellow Vote 3 Yellow Moderated Score Total
Reinforce Town Identity – Large Scale Art works 0
Connecting Kinder to school  – path safe walking 2 1 2 25
Car park at back of school and road in to carpark 1 3 27
Linking the walking path from wetlands to Lions Park – clear areas to make safer and maintained 2 1 28
Flashing 40km Zone Lights on Sago Hill Road / at school / Zebra pedestrian crossing in school zone 10 3 5 75
Car parking near fire shed and crossing 3 4 40
Repainting tennis and netball courts  0
Netball Goal rings 0
Develop Memorial Reserve as a more functional place and picnic area including permanent shelters, Rotunda and RSL area Memorial Park 12 2 3 3 71
Oval? 0
Expansion of the Lions Club Shelter 2 1 9
Large Readable Signage for the area 3 24
Creek Clean out of Kumbunge weed to promote fishing 2 2 3 44
Extension of Lions Club rooms and store 4 1 8
Bitumenize in front of store shed {Lions Store} 0
Caravan Parking area – make electricity available 0
Best Facility in Recreation Hall – Not used enough need a system to promote use 0
You are here signs pointing to signs of interest 0
No camp ground 1 0
Entry Sculpture at roundabout 1 1 1 1 27
Drainage Behind Kinder 0
BMX Park 2 0
Back wetlands area 1 9
Fix Pathways 1 8
Public Toilet Block – Have a shelter next to toilets 0
Fenced walkway between kinder and school 2 1 10
More car parks across from school 2 1 9

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