When buying the building is not the only option

Just this morning Renew Australia announced its move into Melbourne Docklands.

And what of it?

They take empty and lonely spaces and turn them into creative spaces, spaces with artists and budding entrepreneurs, encouraging interest, activity and footfall, all without the expense of either buying the building or renting it either.

Yes it’s a temporary and transitional use, but what it does is amazing…

It encourages people to look and visit, it encourages us to think of the space differently, it tests our assumptions about how a space might work, and best of all it convinces us of the merits of what might otherwise be considered as a mad cap scheme.

Time to take a look and consider the possibilities in vacant space you know and love…

Is it time for a Shire wide version in key buildings in mainstreets in your local township?




3 thoughts on “When buying the building is not the only option

  1. Buying the building on behalf of the community, is the first step in putting a long term strategy in place for this long term problem!! “Pop up” solutions would, I believe help the broader community to see the potential of the site & building, but a proper long term strategy for the site,with an end goal needs to be evolved.

  2. With respect to using the building or the space between the mechanics shed & the milk bar…I did volunteer during the first community consult the idea of running a “pop up” market stall…selling secondhand books, cd’s etc…anybody out there interested in helping me with that?

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