50 responses from Teesdale and counting

The news today is we finally got survey number 50 in, so well done you…

Meanwhile Geoff has been down to the notice board to pop up the web address

If you are one of those Teesdale residents he is chasing, humour him and complete the survey

Or you might just want to do it for other nefarious purposes.

Whatever, we are listening still and waiting for Friday 5pm before we finally close the survey off…

As Nike might say, just do it!

From us mere mortals here we thank you for your time and patience



3 thoughts on “50 responses from Teesdale and counting

  1. Wondering why you didn’t enter my reply stating severe criticism of this flawed process. If you don’t it’s further proof that this is not being run in a democratic manner. How does the elderly person (or anyone else) who has no access to the internet fill out their survey? We are demanding an extension of time & a postal mail out of the survey form with an invitation to a third meeting to all Teesdale residents. Be bold & publish this!

    • Funnily Geoff I checked for comments not an hour ago now and there were none waiting, as I did later last night as well, and yesterday morning, and now this?

      You will note this, like all other comments you have made, has been approved without edit, none refused, same as for everyone else.

      We thank you for your opinion, we have made it public now, and passed it to Council for consideration.

      We are assured, given your contacts there, you will have also brought your views directly to Council’s attention and that your views will be duly considered.

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