Off to see Cr Helena and publican Colin with those list of words…

Not long ago we gave you this delightful story of a local artist Kirsty who is keen to design something for the outside of those stunning and popular toilets in Rokewood.

We asked for your list of Words to describe Rokewood. Thanks to Dane who did. His Words that best describe Rokewood are Gold Mining, Merino Sheep and Basalt Plains.

As to the rest of you, we expect you have been busy, those grandchildren down during the holidays, all that Christmas cooking, feet up at the beach [or at least the lake], and for the last little bit worrying about the dry, the smoke and how close Ballarat, Creswick and those fires really are.

But we know you are back almost or already. Many of you will be back at school next week, or shining your shoes for the long commute to work. Either that or polishing your cricket balls for intense back half of the season. Or harvesting. Protecting those roses. Or shaving your bowling balls, or just pulling grass seeds from your socks.

Whichever, we bet you get to town once of twice, here and there, and will in the next week or so.

So when you are there we want you to do something. Remind Cr Helena and Colin they are collecting this list. Put your words on it. Or if that’s too much trouble just add your words in the comment section below. Any contribution will be of assistance. And, after all we know you want to be helpful.

Otherwise who knows what glorious misadventure might happen if we let Kirsty design without input!

Could be a jungle out there!


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