Complete your Survey!

To those residents of Rokewood and Teesdale, its true we came, we listened, we chatted twice now and now we have a list of treatments, elements, priorities, suggestions and other things, mostly as long as your arm to choose from.

Some of the choosing has been done in meetings, but as we have promised we want you all to participate. One of the ways of assisting us choose between community priorities is by completing the surveys linked here.

We need you to ensure everyone in Teesdale and Rokewood completes the survey in the next two weeks. And then of course your time will be up.

All will be said and done, and we will have our riding instructions and you your draft designs.

We look forward to your contribution!

And thanks for your time en’all.


4 thoughts on “Complete your Survey!

  1. Tonights total 48 completed from Teesdale and one lonely response from Rokewood.

    Obviously a different strategy is needed there.

    Maybe over the counter completion in the shop or the pub might work?

    I wonder if Cr Helena or Colin from the pub are listening?

  2. The count is official now.
    51 surveys completed for Teesdale
    4 surveys completed for Rokewood, with a very late burst bumping the total by 300% overnight.

    The results are due in Monday morning and we should be able to publish snippets from then

    Thanks one again everyone!

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