Words that best describe Rokewood

IMG_1668For those of you at the meeting on Sunday you would have met Kirsty Loshiavo, a local highly skilled air brush artist.

As it transpires Helena had found her whiling her days away in Dareel, and had convinced Kirsty to chat to us all about a possible design for the Toilets.

Ah yes… and then we put her on the spot when we asked her to talk t o you all. But she recovered quickly and as a starting point for toilet design she asked for a word or two that describes what Rokewood means to you. She wants to weave your meaning into the artwork design.

This was after Joe’s incredibly funny description of running after rogue and flying umbrellas.  And after Colin’s concern we had missed Wilbur the Pig in all the discussions to date. So some bright spark suggested the theme perhaps should be flying pigs with umbrellas… someone else suggested wild flowers… and then there are all the historic sites.


There was also some chatter as to how to involve everyone. But it seems there is lots for all to do. There is preparing the walls to start with. Then there is planning and planting the garden and what ever else surrounds the block to match the theme.
So the challenge is now on. Someone needs to remind Helena to work with Colin to work on the list of what Rokewood means to you. This means they have to ask each of you as you drop in for a chat. You can also respond here by adding your words in the comments sections below.

We will then pass these onto Kirsty and see what she comes up with.


So time for you to get cracking my lovelies.

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