With just three days to go before we see you on Sunday…

Yes kind folks of Teesdale and Rokewood

We are due in town this weekend.

We know some of you at least will be there bright and early to see us and work through the next steps on improving your mainstreets.

But for those of you who can’t we were offering a free MYKI pass, but as thats a bit of a city thing maybe its a monopoly get out of jail free card

Follow this link to Teesdale and you will find more details from Sunday and a survey which works through all of those things we will be discussing on the day. If you can’t come we would love you to complete it and then we will be able to add your views to the mix

For those from Rokewood your survey is finally here .

We really are looking forward to seeing you there but!


2 thoughts on “With just three days to go before we see you on Sunday…

  1. Hi,

    Had some thoughts while working. The thoughts were about Ideas that excite me … for the Teesdale Reclaim-the-Shed project. (how I can see it and think WOW)

    As I see it, it will be obvious this is a transformed and reclaimed space in the heart of Teesdale.

    It will be a portal or point of contact or showcase for us to put our best foot forward.

    It will be a unique, special, interesting and valued community space.

    So… and at risk of presenting the vision in a slightly preliminary, disorganised and drafty form….. here they are…..


    • Complete humanising of the exterior structure and area

    • Garden or landscaped areas featuring sun /shade areas, with open pergolas supporting grapes or hops a la european style beer gardens

    • Significant mass structures e.g.: pizza oven and related cooking furniture.. shelter and , electricity, water available.. also many seating or lounging options e.g.: straw bale community made and decorated seating.Also maybe historic relics (carts or drays) or simulated ones or structures or sculpture for kids to climb on, teens to lounge on,. Island bars and tables. Also to cater for games e.g.: gravel carpet bowls, . Planter box herbs for near the oven.

    • Free Wi-Fi for locals (changeable access code.. maybe from shop or such like)

    • A youth area decked out the way they want it . ..with seating and structures to rest bikes, play with iPods on the free wi- fi (60 % of people using the Brisbane library for example were there to use the free wi-fi) .. shady and cool areas to hang out.. probably more up the back?

    • Noticeboard with basic info but – also utilising the wifi – is a portal for smartphone or app interaction …. for tourists and for locals with: downloadable pdf’s, of – for example – maps, community info, local biz listing, things to do and features of the town, : e.g. guided walks, history, turtle bend, flora and fauna, agriculture, weather forecasts, natural history, fire safety/planning, etc… . Govt, political, legal, Shire info and web link, etc… Also incorporating a a comment blog, extras for travellers / families, grey nomads on the road e.g.: top 10 downloadable car games, where to buy petrol for those passing through, Famous Teesdalians, Lots of links (Maybe fee could be paid at shop for full internet access for out of towners) but locals could get an access code. Over half the population now own smartphones so that means most adults,

    • Shed interior used for “men’s shed”, Central /office / workshop for transformation of main st. Also space inside for: exhibitions of local crafts, school art, maybe performance (inside and out), embroidery, …

    • Areas for social seating, bench and circular… maybe some with tables to facilitate meetings as well as quiet spaces

    • Space / ability for : casual trash and treasure market, Community groups sausage sizzle, promos, displays, fundraisers.

    • Market space also for surplus seasonal foods, barter table, lemonade , eggs, etc..

    • A community Garden plot shared, decorative.. with sections and beds and fruit trees mainly at back

    • Games such as gravel carpet bowls, board games such as chess, cards…

    • The precinct to acknowledge older families, pre-history, koorie life, landscape, early settlement, agricultural industry, local bush fires and losses, etc…

    • The Shed area could be a useful option for many to facilitate short courses / info sessions or such like … for things that can’t be done in hall or need outside or relaxed casual environment,

    • As well as setting up as a “men’s shed” , youth could also be welcome and involved in making street art, participation, belonging, ownership.

    • Worthwhile sculptural pieces could be a big feature.. e.g.: brass birds – modernist / naturalist forms. with local indigenous timber and craftsmanship to be featured, e.g. local fauna motifs

    People of all ages should feel comfortable, happy, entertained and to find a use for and value the area. Inclusiveness is very imptnt.
    The area should beam a sense and ambience of optimism, creativity, productivity and pride with a very strong Teesdale identity

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