A mooving story from Shepparton

afternoon_tea_20081204_1929104485 emu_cow_20081204_1368415002 indigenous_cow_20081204_1237145791 moonalisa_cow_20081204_1271699930 tiger_cow_20081204_1238151898 150609_upload_20090615_1675093785 penguin_cow_20090819_1421833371 soccer_cow_20120509_1037599706

Most of the stories hereabouts are about some community somewhere else doing something.

Of course these communities might not look quite like yours, they might be in a different country with different folks, made for a different space with different populations, so there will always a reason why they might not work locally.

But here is the thing. Shepparton, renowned as cow country just a little to the north but still in Victoria, and by all accounts a place facing quite difficult economics, has been involved in arts led projects getting people involved in placemaking as well.

Courtesy of Perry our valiant landscape architect, and the George of Horse Trough research we have a few photos here of a range of pop up cows from around the place. There are others you can find on the web if you search closely enough.

So, back to Liza, if they can do it there they can do it anywhere…


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