Just when you thought you were safe from crowdsourcing placemaking…

Sometimes I feel quite brilliant.

Looking for something I saw this morning on crowd surfing funds for the purchase of a building for all sorts of nefarious community uses [yes folks they are blogging about it in The Atlantic City] I came across the following links that I thought might interest you.

The first is from Hempstead which I’m betting is somewhere near NYC. The cool thing is they reference a link to Crowdsourcing for Idiots, in case we needed to know any of the steps or pitfalls which gets us right back to Cool Studios and of a volume you can find in all good book stores.

Which also gets us to another website, this time a crowdsourcing site, with a press release from Hilo in Hawaii which is doing much the same thing. Well, of course they are Neil Takemoto of Cool Studios was involved – and you can see him at it here.

But folks there is another explanation. This time its a triple bottom line one. And what a fuss.

They are talking about it at conferences, blogging about Bristol Rising, and many other projects and even funding urban improvements through crowdsourcing in Philadelphia.

Not long till they are mentioning those delightful towns and their engaged communities in Golden Plains either now it seems!


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