The things that come in the post

While we are on the subject of stuff happening on mainstreets across the world, I thought I’d let you in to my world of  secret  things that turn in my email just when you least expect it…

This morning, crack of dawn, while those pesky miner birds were digging for worms in the front garden I woke up to this…

Transportation Alternatives 33 Days Left
Picture the most terrifying street in your neighborhood.Dear Carmel,

Donate to T.A. today and a local foundation will match your gift dollar for dollar. That means your support goes twice as far.


Picture the most terrifying street in your neighborhood. The one you go out of your way to avoid — where cars and trucks speed and parents are scared to let their kids cross.

Now, imagine adding a spacious bike lane, protected from traffic by freshly planted trees. Paint a bright demarcated lane where buses travel express, and special cameras enforce the right-of-way. In between, pave grand stretches for walking and quiet spaces to relax with your neighbors.

It’s the sort of street that can change the course of your day. And you can make it a reality.

Right now, Transportation Alternatives members are launching local campaigns to transform dangerous streets into safe, protected spaces. We’re reimagining some of New York City’s most dangerous avenues and boulevards. Donate today and together we can build streets that are safe for everyone.

Streets like these can reduce injuries to everyone by 58 percent, according to NYPD data. Thanks to your support, we’ve secured these streets across New York, in places like Manhattan’s 8th and 9th Avenue, Brooklyn’s Kent Avenue & Prospect Park West, and at Queensboro Plaza. Already, you’ve helped rebuild streets that cut crashes and speeding by a huge margin, establishing safe, welcoming spaces for everyone.

There was just something in all of that which reminded me of those images of trucks thundering down the highway in Teesdale…

And as always, as a sucker for a good lyric the Liza Minnelli version just popped into my head …

Why if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere… its up to you.. NY, NY

So something about those footprints on the road might just do it…

And in the meantime I’m sure that it is not such a bad tune to flounce along the road verge smiling and waving and all the while slowing down that traffic from a safe distance…

Did someone say there was power  in positive thinking?

and just perhaps abject apologies are in order to Fred Ebb for the grave sin of song line mangling… oops!


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