For those who came to the workshops and thought David a little quirky, I thought I’d pop up these few links.

These are mainstreet programs are run by local governments all around Victoria sustaining business and community in the face of stiff opposition from outside places, traders, and other lures in the face of everyone’s very busy lives…

Alternately if you found him inspiring, you might want to also look at these…

This is what Marcus Westbury has been up to in Newcastle, caused quite some stir it did, nationally and internationally. If  you want you can follow his American Tour here

Others have been dealing with what happens in downturn. This quite fabulous project Scibe gets my tick of approval.. run between Oslo, Reykjavik, London and Vienna some seriously creative people have gotten up to new tricks in these cities

You’ll find information on other places across the world as you go trawling try for mainstreet or regeneration… you’ll find work from  as far away as Halcrow and as close as Greater Geelong Waterfront. They have all had a go at transforming old, forgotten an less loved elements of their townships into features.

The thing about Marcus Westbury and what David was promoting is that some it it is about you, and not those fickle tourists. Its about what you bring to the town, and how you invest and care for it in a way that makes it enticing for others to stop and linger.

Which reminds me… I’ve been having strange dreams about the Rokewood mermaid… but to that another time…


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