In a busy week of horse racing, and a short week at work

It’s time to ponder on whether you have seen the material in your mailboxes, up in the mainstreet, at shops and community centres yet.

Yes folks… we are talking about posters, flyers and cards all pointing the way to this website and those sessions next week [Follow the links to pages for Haddon, Teesdale, Rokewood and Meredith] .

We want to remind you that …

  • next weeks walkshops might be fun
  • next weeks walkshops might include many of your neighbours and local friends which could be nice
  • in having your say about your local township environment you can make your town a better more delightful place
  • the smell of BBQ sausages as you chew over concepts with friends, family and fellow travellers.
  • we are finalising and updating all those concepts from across the ages that you have thought should be delivered in your township are on the table.
  • we will be sorting and prioritising concepts in this session.

Oh… and one last thing.. we have money to deliver on designs this time.

Sure hope to see you there!


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